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✨ Enjoy enhanced security for Calls, Chats, voice notes and File Sharing.

  • Voice notes

    Be confident – your notes will be private

  • Calls

    Special encryption algorithm makes it possible to have secure mobile calls right away.

  • Files sharing

    Share sensitive data and collaborate with business partners keeping everything in a secret.

  • Chat

    Rest assured, you'll find the app intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience without any complications.

  • simplicity

    Rest assured, you'll find the app intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience without any complications.

  • Smart approach

    Take down all data hunters!

What sets us apart?

shield zap

Your privacy is crucial, and our app adds an extra layer of security with 4k keys.

shield zap

Experience seamless integration of Calls, Chats, and File Sharing, all secured with our groundbreaking P-Hybrid encryption.


Files manager

It allows users to browse, manage, and organize files and folders on their mobile devices. It provides features such as:

  • Users can navigate through different directories and view files stored on their device.
  • Common file operations like copy, move, rename, delete, and share are usually supported.
  • Users can search for specific files by name.
  • Users can preview certain types of files directly within the file manager, without needing to open a separate app.


Our app allows to store, manage, and interact with their contacts’ information. Here are some features and functionalities users can find:

  • Users can add, edit, and delete contacts.
  • Users can quickly search for specific contacts by name, phone number, or other attributes.
  • We aim to provide a user-friendly interface for efficiently managing and accessing contact information on mobile devices.

Single chats

Single chat feature facilitates real-time communication and collaboration between users, enabling them to connect and interact in a private and secure environment.

  • The app provides a user-friendly interface for sending and receiving messages.
  • The chat feature integrates with the app’s contact list, allowing users to initiate chats with contacts from their address book or search for specific users by name or username.
  • The app ensures reliable delivery of messages and notifies users when their messages are successfully delivered and read by the recipient.

Group Chats

The group chat feature allows multiple users to participate in a conversation simultaneously. Here are the key components and functionalities that can be found in group chat features:

  • Users can create groups and name them according to the topic or purpose of the conversation.
  • Group admins or creators can manage group membership by adding or removing participants.
  • Similar to single chat features, group chats provide a messaging interface where participants can send and receive text messages.
  • Users can see the online/offline status of other participants, as well as indicators showing who is currently typing a message.

Encrypted calls

Encrypted calls feature provides users with a secure way to make voice calls, ensuring that the conversation remains protected from eavesdropping or interception. Here are the key components and functionalities of encrypted calls in a mobile app:

  • The content of the conversation is only accessible to the participants and cannot be intercepted or decrypted by third parties
  • The app uses a secure key exchange protocol to establish a secure communication channel between the callers.
  • Before initiating a call, users are authenticated to ensure that they are communicating with the intended recipient and not an impostor or malicious actor.

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