Advanced Email encryption

No.1 BC: Mail

There is no higher security for e-mail other than No.1 BC: Mail. It uses strong hybrid encryption algorithms which make any attempts to read encrypted messages absolutely useless. Special encryption eliminates man-in-the-middle interceptions, so that the message can be read only by intended receiver.

No human factor

Every time you send a No.1 BC: Mail message the System generates a random encryption key which is used only for this particular message. For each new email there is a new session key. Encrypted email is sent along with the session key using public key encryption. Random keys are automatically generated on-card which doesn't require any interaction with the user.

Ultimate protection

To decrypt messages encrypted with No.1 BC: Mail need to use only corresponding private key. Private key cannot be extracted from the card in any format. By entering No.1 BC card PIN you can only access decryption function of the private key. When you enter your PIN the card initiates decryption and return processed data to the screen.

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Top-Level encrypted communication

No.1 BC: Live

We are proud to provide our customers with the most advanced security solution for mobile communication on the market. No.1 BC: Live application provides the following services for all supported OS: secured voice calls, protected chats and file transfers.


No.1 BC: Live chat is a one-time conversation between two people that goes through securely encrypted channel. It cannot be reproduced by any third party. Any offline messaging is impossible. For security reasons No.1 BC: Live doesn't save any chat history, nor does it track any chat logs.

Voice calls

No.1 BC: Live uses advanced hybrid encryption algorithm for mobile voice calls which allows you to securely communicate in real time. It uses combination of asymmetric and symmetric encryption, which provides high security level and high speed of data processing.

File Transfers

Secure files transfer allows you not only sending files, but also wiping them. No.1 BC: Live uses special technique to wipe files. First it deletes all data from the file and then it erases the file itself. Even if some technologies are used to restore the wiped file, intruder won't be able to extract any bit of your data from there.

End of napkins era

No.1 BC: Notes

Got an idea? Note it. Thinking how to keep it secret? Encrypt it. Get all your notes on your phone protected with strong encryption. All your notes will be absolutely inaccessible by any unwanted watchers and readers. Be sure your information is kept private.

Keep it noted

Modern living makes us process tremendous amounts of information. It gets impossible to remember everything and keep it in mind. Something you do need to write and take notes. Good thing about it is that taking notes help to better organize working process and make it more effective.

Keep it private

It is time to face the truth. Napkins are no longer an option for taking notes. To protect really important information need to encrypt it. To secure your data No.1 BC: Notes not does only use strong encryption which is launched only when you enter your PIN, but also gives you additional authorization level with passwords.

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Popular Email encryption

PGP Mail

PPGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It is a popular method of email encryption on the Internet. No.1 BC: PGP allows communicating with other PGP users, but it gives extra protection for decryption process, so only intended No.1 BC user can read encrypted mails.

Safe communication outside of No.1 BC

You can safely communicate with others outside of No.1 BC encryption System. No.1 BC: PGP allows you to send and receive messages from other PGP users around the world. People with whom you communicate using No.1 BC: PGP can read your messages without No.1 BC card using different devices (laptops, desktop computers or tablets).

Private storage for private key

Unlike other PGP users, who store their private PGP keys in easy-to-get places, No.1 BC System stores private PGP key on-card and protects it with PIN. Only user who knows correct PIN can decrypt PGP email, which was encrypted with corresponding public key. It gives additional security level and ensures that only truly intended person can read the message.

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Get security as a service

Talk to one of our sales partners. They will help to set everything up and will guide you through subscription process. They will also give you all instructions how to use it and when to renew subscription.